Best Picture 2014



Well I saw 8 out of the 9 nominees for best picture and I figured that I would order them and give mini reviews for those interested. Also, I’m going to tweet stuff during the show so if you’re interested, tune in to me at @neodem.

First off, it’s important to note that I’m listing these in my order which is heavily based on which movies entertained me the most, seconded by which ones I’d watch again and of course which ones were made the best (production quality). Also, maybe a also a bit of how well acted they were. But if I were voting in the AAwards I would probably put more acting weight into the acting categories. Anyway, here we are:

1) Wolf of Wall Street. Say what you want about the excess portrayed in this film, it was fun as shit and I could have watched another 3 hours of it if I could. Like, maybe there needs to be a tv series about the Wolf and his buddies. This movie was super fun and was basically Goodfellas set against the backdrop of Wall Street.Wolf-of-Wall-Street

I want to see this again just so I can see Jonah Hill and Leo and McConaughey.

I mean this was just an epic rags to riches story and it was such a fun ride. Sure there were drugs and hookers and greed but that was the story and I simply loved it. And wow, it was funny as hell. Lastly, the fimmaking was pretty awesome. Not flashy, but you never felt that the story was constrained due to the inability to visualize something. It was all there. There were over 300 sfx shots and you didn’t notice one of them. (check out the Wolf reel at Brainstorm Digital)

2) Gravity. This film was just awesomely beautiful. It was so skillfully made and the GRAVITYshots were simply gorgeous to look at. I felt like I was in space and I also felt like I wanted to be there, to see the Earth the way it was shown. I know the movie and the plot was a bit implausible but I didn’t care. I enjoyed the ride just way too much. Ans I admit I’m a space nerd so a lot of my enjoyment came from the realistic seeming space stuff.

3) Her. The vision of the future that they came up with was just so plausible and also kind of beautiful. her3I wasn’t as moved by the relationship stuff as others have been but overall I really liked the story and Joaquin was really perfectly cast.

4) Captain Phillips. Maybe because I have a fascination with boats and have wanted to join the merchant marines but I loved the feel of being on that huge ship. And I loved how real it seemed. The story was super compelling (although maybe not true, who cares) and it moved along at a great pace. Captain-PhillipsWhen we got to after the rescue Tom Hanks played a dude in shock so well and the doctor on the ship was taking care of him and I was just stuck there in shock with him. It was an intense and awesome moment. I really found this movie way better than I thought I would.

5) 12 Years a Slave. I was dreading going to see this film. I really wasn’t looking forward to 3 hours of period stuff about slavery. I know it’s important and I know it’s moving but I’ve seen Roots, I’ve seen other slavery films. I get it.images That period was fucked beyond all recognition and it was awful. What I didn’t think was that I would find the film really beautiful and moving. It was shot so well and it was acted even better. And the story was so interesting and sad and powerful. It was truly a great film. I have a few tiny complaints but overall it would deserve it if it won (which I suspect it will).

6) Dallas Buyers Club. Great performances from M McConaughey and also Jared Leto.A disheveled Matthew McConaughey gets arrested in scenes for 'The Dallas Buyers Club' in New Orleans But the story was kind of uninteresting and the way it was shot wasn’t too compelling either. I think this was a fine film but no where near the above 5. I think this and the next 2 just didn’t deserve to be here.

7) Nebraska. I was so looking forward to seeing this film and it was good Nebraska film stillbut it wasn’t oscar worthy. It was kind of neutral. There were funny parts and good performances but… eh.


8) American Hustle. Why do people love this film? The acting (except for Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence and maybe Bale) was kind of terrible.  It was unclear if this was a comedy or a drama. The story could have been so interesting but it felt confusing. The characters didn’t develop properly. I think that the main issue was the direction. This film was kind of shitty. I have seen way better in the last year. 


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