Biden Bashing

I like Joe Biden. I think he’s a cool guy and all. I went to school and was friends with his late son Beau. My father is good friends with him.

But guess what? I 100% do not want him to run this time around. He would probably be an OK president, but you know that I don’t want someone who is an establishment person, someone who is a centrist. Joe Biden is not a candidate for our times. He hasn’t been for quite a while. He is very much everything that I didn’t like about Hillary: Pro-Iraq war, connected to giant money interests, a DC player. Medhi Hasan lays it out quite well in his piece “Joe Biden Is Hillary Clinton 2.0 — Democrats Would Be Mad to Nominate Him

The Democratic establishment is all about him, he polls very well (due probably to name recognition), but guess what? He will get crushed by Donald Trump.

And that’s not counting the fact that women are kind of skeeved by him and he’s had a few credible accusations about inappropriate behavior. If you look into his record in the Senate you will find someone that was not really too good on woman’s issues over the years. Remember Anita Hill for example? There are dozens of reasons why women should not support him. Many are outlined in this incredibly thorough look at him.

Here is what I want to say about Joe. If he jumps into this, he’s going to be a terrible distraction and he’s going to take away a ton of the glorious progressive energy in the race. If he doesn’t loose the nomination, he will loose in 2020. I’m sure of it and you should make yourself aware and be sure of it too!

Um. No.

I’ve been an early fan of Tulsi Gabbard as you can see in the early posts of this very blog. And since then I’ve liked her a lot. Along the way, however I’ve heard a number of people complaining about how her positions were kind of anti-American and some went as far as calling her a Russian agent. I was fairly certain that this was a reaction to her anti-war stance and her anti-establishment progressive views.

That was until I saw this video:


In it, she maintains a position on Donald Trump and the Mueller “findings” even though not one of us has seen the report yet. She even goes further and suggests that we were maybe on the brink of a civil war.

This video reeks of propaganda and I have to say that it seems really suspicious. What the hell is she talking about? Is she a Russian agent? I mean, it’s possible she’s been compromised in some way or even complicit. In either case, I get a super weird vibe when I watch this video and my support for her has dropped by a lot.

What do you think?


At times like this I so wish I lived in Iowa.

I have often complained about how stupid and unfair it is that one state pretty much determines which candidates move forward in the primary race for president. I could go on and on complaining about it. But right now I won’t. I will pretend I live there.

If I did I would be really into this process. I would be out there on the streets (farmlands?) and joining up in the caucuses and participating in grass roots government. The entire state would be alive with excitement and I would be able to see candidates in person almost every single day.

For example, here is a candidate tracker site by the De Moines Register. Just look at all those candidate events! There are websites like this one that track the entire horse race. They cover staff and endorsements by local residents and groups. I mean how much fun would this be? If I lived there I would be right in the middle of everything!!

God dammit, I can’t get around how dumb this is, that this tiny state with a population smaller than my city gets to choose who is going to be the next president way before I even have a chance to!

So Much to Write About

Things I need to write:

  1. More about Elizabeth Warren since I think she’s a super candidate
  2. A scorecard about where all the candidates seem to be right now in my mind
  3. A bit of discussion about the Klobuchar Town Hall on CNN
  4. Discussion about voting in general and how we pick candidates
  5. Bernie has entered the race!

Stay tuned.. I think #2 is next

The Debates

We’ve a long way to go until we start seeing debates but you can imagine how crazy it’s going to be when we see 25 people on the stage debating the issues.

The Democratic Party is starting to release details about how they will decide who is getting on the stage and it seems that they will be using polling results _and_ interestingly enough, the number of small donor donations. Not the value, but the number. So that means if you want to see your candidate on the debate stage you need to “vote” with your pocketbook and donate $1 or so.. It will make a difference! I’m going to donate to all the people I want to see debating.. I hope my spam folder doesn’t blow up!

Lets Run For President

I’ve kind of fallen in love with Ballotpedia. There is a TON of info there. One thing that I came across that I found pretty incredible is this chart:

Screenshot 2019-02-16 17.24.16

What does that tell you? Just look at that!!

This should tell you all you need to know about the Trump presidency. He is WILDLY unpopular. Unpopular enough for pretty much everyone to feel they need to jump in and take him down.

Of course you can read it another way: People feel “shit, if he can do it, so can I”.

What do you think?


This article is behind a paywall but here’s two paragraphs I found interesting:

The problem with judging candidates on electability is not just that we tend to be bad at it, but also that it means that instead of asking who you like, you’re asking who you think other people will like. Go too far down that road and you wind up with a nominee no one is too enthusiastic about. On the other hand, when parties nominate candidates who make their base excited, even if they don’t look electable at the outset, they have a better chance of winning. That’s how we got President Barack Obama. And also how we got President Trump.

and then it goes on to say that we should look at how well candidates will govern. It then notes:

Democrats have a history of nominating experienced, competent, serious people who would have been excellent presidents but never got the chance because their campaign skills weren’t as impressive. Thinking only about how they’ll perform in office tends to get you nominees such as Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

That’s what I hope to dig into with this blog. I want to not only figure out who is the most electable, but also who would make the best president. This is a hard task. What do you think?

Senator Elizabeth Warren


In 2016 when everyone was so excited about Hillary Clinton and I was saying how much I didn’t like her, on some occasions I was accused of not liking Hillary since she was a woman. My response was simple : If Warren were running I would be voting for her right now. That was true then. Is it still true? This year we have a number of potentially interesting candidates (many are women too) so I’m going to do some more thinking on who I’m going to support but if I had to choose right now with no thinking, Sen. Warren would be in serious consideration.

Let me get this right out of the way: I do not care a whit about if she is (or claimed to be) a Native American. This story is just typical of the crap that gets talked about instead of real issues by our media and I’m not going to engage it. I try very hard to just ignore reading about gossipy stuff like this. If I’m wrong and this is more than what it smells like, let me know. And I’m not alone. There are many people tweeting about how the MSM and others care way more about this issue than her policies. As an example:

So anyway, why do I like Warren? She has consistently gone up against Wall Street and has fought against the Billionaire ruling class in America since the beginning. She is very much aware of and is fighting against the corruption that that class has laid into the foundations of our government. On top of that, she’s quite smart and she’s not afraid to stand up for people.

Today as I write this she has just formally declared her candidacy and I urge you to give her speech a read. Its exciting, it hits all of the major points that I’m interested in and it will resonate with most of America as well. As we all know, the message of economic security is going to be one of the things that captures most of us.

And she isn’t going to take Billionare money or accept money from Super PACs. This fact (outlined in her speech) was super obvious a few weeks ago when she proposed her Wealth Tax. If you haven’t been paying attention, her tax would be a tax on accumulated wealth for people with assets over $50M. This tax is supported by over 60% of voters including over 50% of Republicans! So I’m sure not many super rich people are in favor of her candidacy. This is good. Very good.

Warren is a writer and has published a lot of works. One of them, written before she made it into public office is called “Two-Income Trap”. I haven’t read it but I did read this article about it and if you’re interested, you should as well. It has some good insights.

Can we beat Trump?

Everyone seems to care about electability of the Democratic Nominee. As in, can that person beat the Donald? Here’s what I say: Anyone can beat him. Even you.

The reason he won was that he was considered an outsider and someone who was going to change the government and “drain the swamp”. This is why Obama won and also why Bernie Sanders almost won over Clinton (of course you know I believe he would have won had there not been interference, but that’s another discussion).

But the Donald has proven to not be any of what candidate Trump was about. People know this now and there is no way he wins PA, OH and MI this time around. It was only by a slim majority did he win those in 2016 and remember, he lost by 3M votes.

Also his approval rating is below 40 and it shows no signs of getting better now that the D’s are in charge of the House. They will halt his agenda and hassle him for the next 2 years with committee hearings. This is all not even taking into consideration what may come when Mueller drops his report. Lastly, there is nobody competent left that will work with him and help him run his campaign.

Unless something significant changes things, ANYONE can beat him in a general election. Here is a poll out of Michigan that gives you an idea of what I’m talking about.

Biden, Bernie, Beto and Bloomberg

NBC News had a post a little while back called “2020: Waiting on Biden, Beto, Bernie and Bloomberg” that talked about what they said were the four big questions left of the 2020 field. Since I’m heading out for a little vacation, this post is set to drop in the future. I wonder if the question of weather these men will run is settled or not. But in either case, here are my initial thoughts about these 4.

Joe Biden : I’m dreading when Joe Biden will enter this race, and I’m pretty sure he will. He will be declared the immediate favorite and he will overshadow and distract from all the progressive goodness that’s been happening so far. A giant number of black voters will fall behind him and a giant number of Obama fans will as well. If he doesn’t self-destruct he will do quite well in the primaries. Why am I dreading this? Because he represents, to me, exactly what I don’t want to see in our nominee. He’s part of the party elite. He’s an insider. He is not a progressive. And if he wins then he probably doesn’t beat Trump (see : insider v. outsider)

Bernie Sanders : See my post on Bernie for now.

Beto O’Rourke : I don’t know a lot about Beto. What I do know for sure is that he almost won his US Senate race. In Texas! Versus Ted Cruz (asshole)! That means, to me, that there is something this guy is doing right. I like that he’s young and I like that he has the ability to campaign in Red Country. I do not know anything about his platform and his beliefs. If he joins, we can dig into all of that later.

Michael Bloomberg : From what I know about Bloomberg, I like the guy. He’s smart, he knows how to be a political executive and he seems to have a lot of progressive views (we would need to dig deeper on that when the time comes). His only negative so far is that he’s a rich old white dude. We shall see.