consume near me

Google, (or Bing) or some new competitor should immediately implement this idea: I want to have a search engine (with map) where I simply enter in a menu item, or other consumable, and the engine tells me where I can buy it near my current location. “where can I buy flip-flops?”, “where can I eat cous-cous?”, etc. Of course they can add ratings and put in ads or whatever, but the key here is that a consumer from their pc (or smart phone) can simply enter in what they want and then get the nearest place to consume it.

This can be done in a number of ways, but my idea is to come up with a standard XML format that vendors can submit. a web GUI could be setup as well for them.

Problems include verification of items so we don’t have a bait and swtich situation. Perhaps they could add user ratings and verification.. the possibilities are endless.

Searches by date

You know what I’d like to see google (or some other search engine) do? A huge percentage of my searches are for things like “best dvd player under $100”, “desktop editing software suggestions”, and the like. These are queries that most likely will get the best results from forum or blog posts. When I search for them I get the most popular but what I really want is the one that is the newest (and popular). Many of the ‘most popular’ search results are 2-4 years old and that’s not helpful to me at all when I’m looking to buy something. There needs to be a way to search by date.