PSM episode

I dig the Pod Save America podcast and listen to it often but sometimes its not as substantive as I’d like to be. The latest episode ā€œIā€™M GONNA REGRET THIS SPEECH.ā€ is not that. In fact it’s the opposite. After some discussion about the batshit crazy CPAC speech by the Donald, they dig into 2020 and talk about polling, issues and voting and elections in a really interesting way. It’s totally worth a listen if you’re into this kind of stuff.


2020 Power Rankings

I think I’m going to try and do this once and while…

Here is a list of the candidates in order of how I think they are doing in general. It’s not who I like, but who seems to have momentum.

  1. Harris : She came out super strong with a great announcement, had a CNN town hall right away (and killed it) and has had little or no negative press happening. I’m impressed with how smooth her operation is and campaigns running smooth is what it’s all about.
  2. Bernie : Bernie started off raising over $4M in his first day. That is incredible and more than double the 1.5 that Kamala raised on her first day. And Bernie has continued that streak by raising $10M in his first week from almost 360k thousand donors. But here’s something incredible : almost 40% of those donors were _new_ donors! I rank Bernie #2 because he’s suffering from a bunch of backlash from haters and nay sayers.
  3. Amy : Klobuchar started off with a killer announcement in the snow and even though she has a big time centrist viewpoint, she seems to be maintaining her momentum even with negative stories about the way she treats staff, etc.
  4. Warren : Elizabeth Warren is doing an amazing job selling her views and they sound super refreshing and pragmatic. The issue with her candidacy is that like Bernie in 2016, the media is almost completely ignoring her campaign and it’s making me crazy. If they would cover her, she would be #1 in my list.
  5. Gillibrand : Is Kristen Gillibrand a candidate? I mean, she declared but I haven’t heard a thing about her campaign in the media anywhere.
  6. Booker : Like Gillibrand I haven’t heard a thing about Cory Booker. Also, I think with the exception of Bernie, this election is about the women and most voters are not going to vote for a man.
  7. Gabbard : Tulsi is getting killed. Her anti-interventionist platform (which I love) is being demolished by pretty much everyone and her campaign seems to be nonexistent.
  8. Everyone else : there are a lot of others but right now they don’t warrant much mention.