Uh Yup

042407_08221.jpgSo Ray Nagin trashed our city in the trash department. As a lifetime Philly resident I can say that he sure is right. I’ve never seen the city so dirty. The park outside my house is literally covered with trash and it has been for weeks no matter who I call or what I do.

But you know what? If you were Ray Nagin and you were driving up Broad street from the airport you would see block after block of overflowing trashcans and litter all over the sidewalks and streets. I lived in New York for a year and I never saw it even get close to as dirty as it is here. Why can’t we clean this damn place?

Two Stories from Digg

I saw two good stories on Digg today that you should read and digg up if you agree with me that they are important.

The first is another on the war on drugs. The linked article fictionalizes a jury room and talks about jury nullification and how we, when we are jurors, have the power to actually judge the law in addition to judging just the facts of the case. This is counter to what we are told by judges and counter to what a logical juror would believe:

“That’s because of the despicable Supreme Court decision in “Sparf and Hansen vs. The United States in 1895.” John Straun said. “That decision said juries have the right to judge the law, but that a judge doesn’t have to inform juries of this right. Cute, huh? And guess what happened after this decision? Judges stopped telling juries about their rights.”

The second piece linked to is from yesterdays New York Times titled “You are What you Grow“. This article talks about how farm subsides actually end up subverting market forces and make the most healthy foods the most expensive, which you all know is killing our citizens daily by filling us up with fat and cholesterol. Fascinating and sad…