It’s been a while since I wrote here but I’ve got some things to say and there’s no better place right? Stay tuned. I plan to publish a couple of articles about what I think we need to do to save our democracy. No bigs.

For those of you looking backwards, you’ll find a lot, a lot of writing through the years. My previous blog hosting died and I lost a lot of the links to the photos in the posts. I’m sorry about that. Just no time to recover it all. But I got the words so that’s something right?

I also had this series of posts about the Democratic Primary. I kind of gave up on that after a while. But between the last post and today I had become a giant Warren fan and I was out there going door to door and I even collected enough signatures to get on the ballot as a Warren Delegate. In fact, today (if she had campaigned in PA, which she didn’t) I may have been “at” the convention as a delegate. Oh well.

So, whatever, watch this space. I’m going to save us all.. Well, you are if you read and share!

One thought on “Back

  1. Terrific! I was disappointed you took a break from this because your insights were objective, relevant, and factual. This from your blog 18 months ago: “Harris : She came out super strong with a great announcement, had a CNN town hall right away (and killed it) and has had little or no negative press happening. I’m impressed with how smooth her operation is and campaigns running smooth is what it’s all about.”


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