Pete makes $500

In looking at the blog history it would seem this is becoming the Pete Buttigieg fan blog but I assure you its not.. Its just that he is capturing the zeitgeist right now and I’m pretty excited about it because he’s one of the few candidates I really like in this race so far.

By capturing the zeitgeist, I mean that he is gaining traction every single day and everybody seems to be talking about him and when he talks to interviewers he blows them away. Every Single Time. It’s fairly incredible.

The most recent interview (a great one) was with with Mehdi Hasan on the Deconstructed podcast. I urge you to give it a listen.

Anyway, all this energy has ignited his fundraising (which, weather you like it or not is a great way to tell who is making headway) and they just blew away their March 31 goal of $500,000 which is a big deal. They are hiring new staff and building a lot of institutional foundations. I urge you to drop him a few dollars if you can.

Anyway I just want to reinforce to you how crazy it is that we show support for candidates by giving them money. At high dollar levels (for rich people and businesses) this makes complete sense since their money buys them access (read : bribery). But at our level it essentially means: “I want this person to be president and I want to help them get there so I’m throwing them a few of my hard earned dollars”. Think for a second how crazy that is. That our voting system is so messed up that we can’t expect the best candidate to win on their own so we are putting up our own money to help them. Why do we do this??

2 thoughts on “Pete makes $500

  1. Channeling JFK…has the comparison been made? ‘They’ said he (JFK) was too young, inexperienced, and lacked foreign policy background. ‘During Kennedy’s campaign he relied on his youth and promised to bring about change. Kennedy had a slogan emphasizing his youth reading, “who’s seasoned through and through/but not so dog-gone seasoned that he won’t try something new.” ‘ Many thought JFK’s man on the moon goal unachievable &/or unrealistic. Similarities resonate: ‘At the heart of the ’60s radical zeitgeist was a sense that the government had forfeited its legitimacy.’ The first Roman Catholic (fast-forward) first gay presidential candidate. Charisma counts too.

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    1. Interestingly enough, the comparison hasn’t been made but now that you say it, this looks very much like a JFK situation (as well as I know, I’m a bit young to know what it was like then). Perhaps as we move forward and Pete continues gaining momentum we will start hearing that. You are 100% correct here!


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