Mayor Pete

Last night something incredible happened. It was a totally unexpected moment that I think changed my personal direction and finally gave me some hope that there was a way to save our democracy.

I was watching the triple billing CNN Town Halls and it was the third one that surprised me. It was one featuring a guy who I knew was running but I didn’t take at all seriously. I mean, I couldn’t even pronounce his name (still can’t… working on it). It was a town hall featuring the mayor of South Bend Indiana. A 37 year old guy by the name of Pete Buttigieg.

Here is a link to the Town Hall. I hope its still around when you read this because if you haven’t seen it, you should take 15-20m to get a taste of it.

This man speaks in a way that is totally refreshing. Not only that, he appears to know what he’s talking about on each and every issue and he is able to convey what his thoughts are without seeming to be pandering and also without being partisan. It’s fairly incredible to witness.

I’ve since learned that he’s done two notable podcasts : First on Pod Save America and Stay Tuned with Preet. I will be giving them a listen as soon as I get a moment.

Last night was a moment that was kind of like when I first saw Obama speak in the 2004 Democratic National Convention. It was a moment of hope.

Can “Mayor Pete” (as people like to call him) pull off a total underdog moment and become president? Probably not. The way we vote in elections (see my previous posts) make it impossible for candidates that don’t have a lot of money and name recognition. However, I feel that he should very much be in the debates and could potentially become a VP pick. Also, he could use this to move up to higher office and make another run in 8 years or so.

Speaking of the debates. The DNC claims that they will let anyone into the debates if they get enough individual donations from unique people. This means that if you want to support a candidate and see them in the debates, you should give at least $1 to them. For Mayor Pete, you can do that here.

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