Senator Elizabeth Warren


In 2016 when everyone was so excited about Hillary Clinton and I was saying how much I didn’t like her, on some occasions I was accused of not liking Hillary since she was a woman. My response was simple : If Warren were running I would be voting for her right now. That was true then. Is it still true? This year we have a number of potentially interesting candidates (many are women too) so I’m going to do some more thinking on who I’m going to support but if I had to choose right now with no thinking, Sen. Warren would be in serious consideration.

Let me get this right out of the way: I do not care a whit about if she is (or claimed to be) a Native American. This story is just typical of the crap that gets talked about instead of real issues by our media and I’m not going to engage it. I try very hard to just ignore reading about gossipy stuff like this. If I’m wrong and this is more than what it smells like, let me know. And I’m not alone. There are many people tweeting about how the MSM and others care way more about this issue than her policies. As an example:

So anyway, why do I like Warren? She has consistently gone up against Wall Street and has fought against the Billionaire ruling class in America since the beginning. She is very much aware of and is fighting against the corruption that that class has laid into the foundations of our government. On top of that, she’s quite smart and she’s not afraid to stand up for people.

Today as I write this she has just formally declared her candidacy and I urge you to give her speech a read. Its exciting, it hits all of the major points that I’m interested in and it will resonate with most of America as well. As we all know, the message of economic security is going to be one of the things that captures most of us.

And she isn’t going to take Billionare money or accept money from Super PACs. This fact (outlined in her speech) was super obvious a few weeks ago when she proposed her Wealth Tax. If you haven’t been paying attention, her tax would be a tax on accumulated wealth for people with assets over $50M. This tax is supported by over 60% of voters including over 50% of Republicans! So I’m sure not many super rich people are in favor of her candidacy. This is good. Very good.

Warren is a writer and has published a lot of works. One of them, written before she made it into public office is called “Two-Income Trap”. I haven’t read it but I did read this article about it and if you’re interested, you should as well. It has some good insights.

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