Amy Klobuchar


And yet another woman has entered the race! I don’t know a lot about Sen. Klobuchar other than what I saw of her during the Kavanaugh conformation hearings (where she was pretty awesome) so I will have to do some digging into her platform as well..

I did hear that she is historically pretty mean to her staff though.

Edit : She gets major points for announcing in a blizzard. That’s badass!

3 thoughts on “Amy Klobuchar

  1. extreme anger, erratic behavior, name-calling…sounds like menopause (which I suppose she’s finished with by now). Net worth 1 million (would be interested in all the candidates net worth). NRA grades her “F”. A quick Wikipedia read: she sounds accomplished and I liked some of the legislation she was involved with, but not all.

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    1. It’s always tough when you’re a Senator running for President because your whole voting record is there to comment on. A lot of times, I think the reason for those votes aren’t exactly clear all the time so we can’t always be sure.. So what votes were you concerned about?


  2. Something about excise tax on ‘medical devices’ (which is no big deal to me) and she voted against it…but took medical device associated pac $.


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