Can we beat Trump?

Everyone seems to care about electability of the Democratic Nominee. As in, can that person beat the Donald? Here’s what I say: Anyone can beat him. Even you.

The reason he won was that he was considered an outsider and someone who was going to change the government and “drain the swamp”. This is why Obama won and also why Bernie Sanders almost won over Clinton (of course you know I believe he would have won had there not been interference, but that’s another discussion).

But the Donald has proven to not be any of what candidate Trump was about. People know this now and there is no way he wins PA, OH and MI this time around. It was only by a slim majority did he win those in 2016 and remember, he lost by 3M votes.

Also his approval rating is below 40 and it shows no signs of getting better now that the D’s are in charge of the House. They will halt his agenda and hassle him for the next 2 years with committee hearings. This is all not even taking into consideration what may come when Mueller drops his report. Lastly, there is nobody competent left that will work with him and help him run his campaign.

Unless something significant changes things, ANYONE can beat him in a general election. Here is a poll out of Michigan that gives you an idea of what I’m talking about.

2 thoughts on “Can we beat Trump?

  1. Is there an echo in here…flashback 2016? ‘anybody can beat Trump’. I wouldn’t underestimate the voting bloc that elected him the first time. Plenty of the Silent Majority is still alive…along with racists, closet bigots and, shall we say, provincials…I also think many ‘profit takers’ (rich rich capitalists) continue to back him,,,


  2. I don’t buy it. He won last time around due to voter suppression and a complete lack of attention by Hillary to PA and Ohio and MI where he only won by 80k votes.. there is no way he collects as many votes this time around. The only think that is amazing to me is that the Democrats in the House haven’t put together a resolution to remove the Electoral College.


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