Biden, Bernie, Beto and Bloomberg

NBC News had a post a little while back called “2020: Waiting on Biden, Beto, Bernie and Bloomberg” that talked about what they said were the four big questions left of the 2020 field. Since I’m heading out for a little vacation, this post is set to drop in the future. I wonder if the question of weather these men will run is settled or not. But in either case, here are my initial thoughts about these 4.

Joe Biden : I’m dreading when Joe Biden will enter this race, and I’m pretty sure he will. He will be declared the immediate favorite and he will overshadow and distract from all the progressive goodness that’s been happening so far. A giant number of black voters will fall behind him and a giant number of Obama fans will as well. If he doesn’t self-destruct he will do quite well in the primaries. Why am I dreading this? Because he represents, to me, exactly what I don’t want to see in our nominee. He’s part of the party elite. He’s an insider. He is not a progressive. And if he wins then he probably doesn’t beat Trump (see : insider v. outsider)

Bernie Sanders : See my post on Bernie for now.

Beto O’Rourke : I don’t know a lot about Beto. What I do know for sure is that he almost won his US Senate race. In Texas! Versus Ted Cruz (asshole)! That means, to me, that there is something this guy is doing right. I like that he’s young and I like that he has the ability to campaign in Red Country. I do not know anything about his platform and his beliefs. If he joins, we can dig into all of that later.

Michael Bloomberg : From what I know about Bloomberg, I like the guy. He’s smart, he knows how to be a political executive and he seems to have a lot of progressive views (we would need to dig deeper on that when the time comes). His only negative so far is that he’s a rich old white dude. We shall see.

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