The Progressive Agenda

Currently I’m a Democrat. Before that I was an Independent. I switched because I wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders in 2016 and I continue to stay a Democrat because I want to become a delegate at the Democratic Convention. It’s a long-shot but it would be a no shot if I went back to being an Independent.

Why do I not want to be a Democrat? Pretty much because the party doesn’t represent me. It’s fully corrupted by big money and I think that supporting them by being a part of them doesn’t really help fix the problem. The solution is for all of us to drop out of the two parties entirely.

In the wake of Sanders’ loss I suggested that he should take all of his followers and christen a new party. A party that should have had the following major platform goals:

  1. Money out of politics
  2. Healthcare for all Americans
  3. Fixing income inequality
  4. A voting system that’s fair and allows EVERYONE equal and fair access to elections including an end to gerrymandering and other tricky ways the parties consolidate power
  5. An end to seemingly endless wars and the destruction of the military-industrial complex

I firmly believe that Bernies popularity and Barack Obamas before him and of course Donald Trump all come from the same thing : Americans are sick of corrupt insider politics. A party standing for the things I listed above would be immediately popular and thus powerful. It would be a party for the majority of Americans and it could elect leaders that actually would reform Washington.

I honestly don’t know why Bernie or someone like him doesn’t start something like this. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Since there is no true Progressive Party, there are just ideas floating around but they all pretty much mirror what I outlined above. For example, here’s a blog post that pretty much echos what I’m talking about. And here is a post from the godfather of the modern progressive movement himself. And if you spend some time listening to progressive media outlets (the biggest of which is TYT and highly recommended by me) you will get the message loud and clear. Progressives want an end to all of this bullshit.

Instead we have the closest thing to that dream : The Democratic Party. This is why this blog exists. I want to find and support someone who comes closest to my ideals and also who is electable in our current system. I believe that if the Democratic nominee is that person, they will crush whoever the Republicans put up.

But if you look closely, the party is against these types of candidates. We all know this. We’ve seen it. We see them right now starting to try and take down candidates that are progressive and we see them discounting progressive ideas as fringe fluff.

There is a great article in the Intercept called “Progressive Ideas Matter to Voters. So Why Do Democrats Fixate on the Identity of the Messenger?” that does a great job of pointing this all out. The party and the mainstream media are doing their best to start undercutting the progressive message even though polling is through the roof for things like the $15 minimum wage and Medicare for All.

If anything moves you in this election, please don’t let it be the main stream messaging. Figure out what is important to you and what you want to see in America and let your support head in that direction. Don’t be fooled into thinking that any Democrat will win this election in 2020. In my mind and I think in most of our hearts, we know that the only people who have a shot at winning are ones that honestly believe in the Progressive Agenda.


One thought on “The Progressive Agenda

  1. ” It does no good for your heart to be in the right place if your ass is owned by bankers.”
    “Americans need a reason to go to the polls — something that makes them feel like their vote matters. Something more than being anti-Trump. Something ideological.”
    “Our job… is not only to oppose Trump but to bring forth a progressive and popular agenda that speaks to the real needs of working people.”
    Really good article links…thanks

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