Kristen Gillibrand

Official Portrait

First off, can I just say how awesome it is to be talking about so many women? I’m pretty excited by it and I think it’s about time to have a female president. Not only because it’s about time, but also because a female temperament may be what we need in office. Anyway, onward.

So Kristen Gillibrand is “launching a presidential exploratory committee” which kind of means that if she can start raising the money and generate enough interest, she’s in. I wasn’t planning to talk about her but I was listening to the recent podcast of “Pod Save America” where she was featured in an interview and I couldn’t finish listening to it. I know I need to since now I’m a blogger and this is what I’m supposed to be doing but her initial answers were super bland and kind of tired right out of the gate. I didn’t even get into what I assume will be a policy discussion of some kind..

Ok. It’s been a minute since the last paragraph and I listened to the rest. She seems to be speaking to some progressive issues but, with the exception of health insurance, she isn’t speaking with a lot of knowledge. For example, her discussion about Climate Change is really not great at all. At one point she referred to “L E E D certified” instead of the very commonly used “LEED certified” (spelling it out instead of saying it). And then she went into saying how clean water was important to the climate change. Um, nope. I mean, it’s sort of in the same category (the environment), and sure it’s important but it has no real impact on climate change.. And then she went into a carbon tax but mixed it up with pollution.. She’s conflating two separate issues. Is she just speaking words in hopes to get people to follow her?

In stark contrast, the ending portion of the interview was quite spirited and she finally came out of her shell a bit. This is when she was talking about immigration.

I don’t know.. in this interview she mostly felt guarded and had little energy and also it didn’t feel like she had command of all of the issues. This are all things that she will improve as she goes along but if it’s not there at the core, then is she someone we want to be our next president? Could you imagine her being able to make a command decision in a time of crisis? Is she a true progressive?

I admit that I could be way off base and I’m going to give her another chance, but first impressions are kind of deadly in this kind of situation.

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