Kamala Town Hall

I can’t find a link to the whole video (maybe it’s on youtube?) but last night CNN gave Kamala Harris a “Town Hall” in Iowa. Here is the CNN updates from the event.

First of all, I want to say that it feels a bit weird that they didn’t do this for Warren (maybe cause she hasn’t officially declared?) and also for Gabbard (who I think has declared) but maybe they are in the works?

Kamala has made a smart move by officially declaring and also by doing it early. She is setting the race rules and issues all by herself and she’s making her answers be the standards that others will have to compete with. I like her bravery and intelligence here.

So how did she do? I’m sold. She came out and kicked some ass and directly answered questions. Green New Deal? She is totally into it. Healthcare? Medicare for All and let the private health insurers die thank you. The Wall? Are you kidding me? Get that shit out of here!

She also did a pretty good job defending her prosecutor past. I’ve come across some tweets that have videos of some of her old speeches that I haven’t looked at yet, but they could be an interesting contrast.. When I get back from vacation in about 10 days we will circle back.

For now, she’s looking serious and ready.

Also, the same question came up 2 times: We are willing to give up on our beliefs and accept a Democratic nominee who we don’t agree with as long as they can beat Trump. Can you do it?? Let me just say this: I am 100% sure that anyone competent can beat Donald Trump in 2020. If the election were tomorrow, Hillary would beat him hands down. This is a relevant question, but not an important one. Donald will be beaten, that is a total lock.

2 thoughts on “Kamala Town Hall

  1. So Kamala Harris is on the radio saying she smoked reefer in college listening to Snoop & Tupac!?? She graduated in 1986…their sh*t didn’t come out til like 1991. If this is accurate…what a poser…


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