Hello there. It’s about time to start thinking about 2020. Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of years now, but its time to get serious. I end up spending a lot of time reading about and thinking about candidates and I figured that I’d try to document my process a bit and you get to follow along. Aren’t you lucky?

A bit about myself. I’m an Independent voter who is currently registered Democratic (more about that later perhaps). I am into free-markets and libertarianism but mostly I identify as a progressive. My most important issue is Climate Change seconded by the total removal of money in politics. I also would like us to be non-interventionist and not be involved in any wars.

I voted for Bernie in 2016 and in the general election I voted for Hillary though I have to admit that I considered voting for Gary Johnson and also the Donald because I loathe establishment candidates. I thought Hillary would have made a fine enough president but I kind of was (and am) sick of the elites (Democrats and Republicans).

In 2008 I was a giant supporter of Obama but the president wasn’t anything like the candidate. He eroded our civil liberties, killed endless people with drones, punished whistleblowers and deported a ton of immigrants. So in 2012 I voted for Romney.

I live in Pennsylvania so I’m not sure how many candidates will still be on the ballot when I get to vote but I’m going to pretend that it’s all of them and look at everyone as they come along.

So lets begin!

2 thoughts on “Intro

  1. This is terrific idea…fair, balanced blog, yes? Unbiased? We’ll see. I’ll be reading. Just heard of young Indiana mayor?


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