How to Argue

I’ve spoken before about one of my favorite podcasts “Love + Radio” so my urging for you to start listening is isn’t something new. (Seriously, if you haven’t listened, go to s01e01 and get started).

In either case, one of my favorite episodes is one called “The Silver Dollar” and it is an interview with a black man named Daryl Davis who is a musician who has spent a large part of his life interviewing and connecting with members of the Klan. His story is incredible and deeply fascinating and everyone should give it a listen.

I bring this up because Nick van der Kolk (the L+R producer) has taken the time to interview Davis for the newest episode of L+R and talk to him about the methods he uses/has used to connect so well with people who’s entire world-view is about hating others. This interview is extremely enlightening and important for our time. We as Americans desperately need to find ways to become one country again, to find commonalities between each other and this podcast is a great way to look at that process.

Please take a moment to do the following :

a) Listen to Daryl’s original story (I promise, it’s great)
b) Listen to the follow up interview
c) target and connect with one person who doesn’t agree with you and make a change.

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