How To Fix The Highways

There is nothing more bothersome to me than people driving in the wrong lane on the highway. In my mind there is one Driving Lane (on the far right) where you drive the speed limit or perhaps you drive more than the speed limit if there is no-one in front of you and you feel like going faster (no comment on what the speed limit (if any) should be). To the left of the Driving Lane we have one or more Passing Lanes which should be used to pass cars that are in front of you in the Driving Lane. An argument can be made that on roads with more than 2 lanes, there is a hybrid of Pass/Drive lanes in the middle of the far right and left lanes in which you may drive in when there is a lot of traffic and you pass when a car is in front of you but that’s for another post or perhaps in some comments somewhere.

Problems occur when we are merging onto a highway (usually into the right lane) or off of a highway (again usually out of the right lane).

I have a better way of doing things that at first seems rather odd so give it some time to sink in. We change the highways in a fundamental way by having all exits and entrances on the left side lane which I think we should now brand the Maneuvering Lane. This will also have the effect of keeping people in the correct lane : The Driving Lane. You won’t want to be lollygagging away in the lane with all the cars coming in and out of the highway would you? No, you would enter the highway and move into the Driving Lane and then simply drive your car and have no more stress until you have to exit the highway. If you want to go fast you simply move into the Maneuvering Lane when you need to pass someone and then you move back into the Driving Lane once the pass is complete (so you stay out of the way of people moving in and out of the highway via entrances and exits).

Of course we would need to come up with some kind of paint scheme in the Maneuvering Lane to indicate entrances and exits but I think this overall will incentivise people to stay in the Driving Lane for most of their trip.

So I know you are saying to yourself : “Well this is great but we would have to rebuild all of our highways to do it!” But I submit that you haven’t thought about this. We have highways already built that mostly follow this structure. They are simply on the other side. So I-95N for example becomes I-95S and vice/versa. See what I mean?


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