I ride on Septa busses a bunch and one of them goes down 8th Street into South Philly from Center City and every day its another adventure. There is always something interesting to see or hear on that bus. It’s always an experience for me.

Which leads me to my next great idea.

There are a number of cameras in the bus (see the photo below) and of course they are used for security purposes, however I think they should be used for more than that.

2014-04-29 17.03.59


My idea is that Septa should pick a bus line and they should broadcast on the web a feed of all the cameras in real time. With sound. The page should have a real time comments section as well.

This all could be supported with ads and I would imagine that it would be an instant hit. Not only in Philly, but all over the place.

And before you start saying that Septa is taking advantage of it’s riders, forget it. The cameras are already there and people already are used to them and don’t expect privacy on the bus.

In fact, more and more companies should broadcast on the web their cameras for money. Septa is just one example.

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