Kickstarter Union

I give money from time to time on Kickstarter and I was just thinking that I’ll be a bunch of my friends and contemporaries do as well. I give when I think the project is worthwhile and I give an extra bonus when it’s a project by people I know and trust will do a great job. The problem is that I don’t get exposed to enough projects and the ones I do get exposed to don’t get enough contributors.

What if I organized a group of friends and we all trusted each other enough that we would contribute blindly to projects that the others recommended? For example, I just gave to a project that I thought deserved some serious funding. It would be awesome if I could drop an email to my Kickstarter Union and told them to contribute and they would since they knew that when they needed me I would do it for them. What if we had a web site/app that would make this easier to manage?

Good idea? I don’t know. In the meantime go to my profile and support the active projects that I’m currently supporting!

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