The Build Begins

I had some time at work so I decided to start building the Destroyer. I put in a little time yesterday afternoon and this morning and I got 19 steps done. Interestingly enough I was getting all excited to tell you that I had built the main frame for the thing but when I got to the end of step 19 in the bottom right I saw a nice little “2x” there. Apparently I need to go through and build a second frame to attach to the underside of the one I just built!

2013-08-23 10.13.27


Ok, so here are some photos (in order)…

2013-08-22 14.07.00 Here we are at Step 1


2013-08-22 14.19.25And this is the first sub assembly completed

2013-08-22 16.32.39 And here is the frame after the initial Triangle shape was established. It was kind of neat how they did the angles. They used what I call “swing blocks” to make the corners.


2013-08-23 10.23.04 2013-08-23 10.23.22 2013-08-23 10.23.40 2013-08-23 10.24.04

2013-08-23 09.44.31

And above is the assembly all completed but without the “guns” mounted on the edges. Step 19 required me to build 18 gun assembly modules and then mount them to the triangle main assembly.

2013-08-23 09.44.15

Most of the parts for the gun assembly modules.

2013-08-23 09.56.47

The completed gun assembly modules

2013-08-23 10.00.32

Closeup of the assemblies mounted on the main triangle frame

2013-08-23 10.00.52And a completed triangle. Now I need to build an exact duplicate of it..


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