a movie I want to make

Visual: We start with a totally white screen. After a few seconds we see a tiny change in the whiteness, it’s a blue tint, it’s moving…actually, we are moving. As we move around more in the white, it becomes more and more clear that we are in a cloud as more and more blueish areas are seen and condensation is becoming more clear. We end up finding a raindrop and we track it down out of the cloud. As we head down towards the ground, its obvious that this is the first drop in a rainstorm. We continue following the drop as it accelerates. Finally we are in an overhead position and we see a man standing in front of a building. The building is an office building, but it’s recognizable from its architecture. The drop continues it’s fall to land on the tip of the mans nose. He looks up at the sky (and the camera which is directly above). The rain begins pouring and he goes back to his standing and moves his head back to normal. He walks out of the frame. Credits roll over the sound of the rainstorm and the overhead shot of the street. Others are rushing around to get out of the unexpected storm.

Plot: It turns out the man is the main character of the film.

Visual (about 30 minutes in): The man is talking with some other men, they are all in suits, we are not sure where they are. The film up to this point has been following a very dramatic and predictable arc, the viewer believes the film (although stylized) is just a regular drama. The camera subtly gets away from the back and forth dialog, the voices slowly fade into the background. The man looks to his left, the camera follows his view since by this point it’s on his right profile (it’s been slowly tracking around him). We see that he is looking at the sky. He pauses, turns, and bolts into a full run towards where he was looking. The camera pulls out to reveal we are on the top of a building and the man is running towards the edge. He is totally booking and we can hear his shoes on the rooftop. He gets to the edge and jumps off.

Plot : The movie at this point has totally gotten weird, but we are not going to rip off the viewer, there will be a perfectly cool explanation of what just happened. The story now is Sci Fi/Matrix like. The man (already a very slow, calm, cool, aware man in a very fast paced, clueless, stressed city) has realized something about the sky and the cloud. He had a taste of it when the raindrop hit his nose and he finally figured it out and realized that he could do whatever he wanted. He realized he (as is everyone else) has the ability to create his own reality. He became (at that moment) aware of his ‘graduation’. He, at that moment, became a master, he had the power of god.

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