and so on and so on and so on

There was this tv ad when I was kid for shampoo I think it was but the hook was that it said something like “I liked it so much I told two friends, and they told two friends. And so on and so on and so on” until the screen was filled with a bunch of the narrator saying ‘and so on and so on’.. oh hell, what am I thinking. I am on the internet.. be right back.

Here we go :

So I have this new idea that follows this concept. And I wonder what you think about it.

I am continually frustrated by the slow progress of change on what I consider to be important events in our country. I get all kinds of mad when something important happens and nobody seems to care. I post stories on Facebook and Google+ and expect everyone I know to read them and be affected by them but outside of a small circle of people it never seems to happen.

And then I remembered this commercial and an idea popped into my head. I’m going to do it and I hope you do and then maybe we can start some kind of change in America.

The idea is simple. I’m going to choose two of my friends, take them out to lunch and I’m going to give them a presentation of something that I find really important and I’m going to try to (a) get them to understand how important this issue is to me, (b) try to get them to engage on the topic (agree or disagree) in some dialog with me and then (c) convince them to choose two of their friends and do the same thing (but with a topic of their choosing).

I was at a party recently where I actually was able to convince a few of the people there that they needed to read this book I was recommending “3 felonies a day”. I spent a lot of time citing examples and telling them stories about people put in jail for insane things. I was able to get them to really engage on this topic and I’m certain that at least one of them got the book and is reading it today. I made change happen way more than I did posting that link on facebook.

And it’s in that same way that I am going to choose a topic that’s important to me and I’m going to find two friends that are going to be subject to me getting up on my soapbox about it.

If we all do this and it continues and grows then finally we may bring back the idea of debate and conversation about serious things. I encourage you to try and do this yourselves. We need to do something, the world is not in a good place right now..

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