An idea for a short video I’d like to make

Narrator : This world exists for you. Everything you see, touch and interact with exists just for you. It was created with your help. You designed it and designed the ‘life’ you are leading right this second. Yesterday didn’t happen either. Your past, the past you feel to be true is all fiction. You are in a fictional world of your choosing. This is all a simulation. You don’t believe me? Take a look at this.

Cut to : EXT building (science center like), limo drives up, rich guy casually dressed gets out and walks into building

audio : (Natural street sounds)

Cut to : INT same building. Rich guy signs in and walks to elevator bank, gets on elevator, doors close the shot.

audio : (Natural sound, elevator ding)

Cut to : INT some other floor, doors open and rich guy gets out and turns to some smoked doors and enters.

audio : (Natural sound, elevator ding)

Cut to: INT reception

Narrator : This is you, just about an hour ago. You paid for the opportunity to experience a new life for a while. You wanted to work out some issues you had in a safe way so you decided to virtualize. It’s a form of therapy but one that doesn’t hurt your real life and social situations. In short, in this world you can do nothing wrong. So like a lucid dream you should have no fear and you should live the life you want to live right now. Take no prisoners, pull no punches.

(at same time as narrator)

Secretary : Hello MR. Jenkins, right this way

Cut to : rich guy walking into office, chatting with guy in nice suit who walks him to a table, puts some electrodes on his head and dims the lights,

Fade to black.

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