Philly Mag top 50 : My take

So in case you didn’t notice, Philly mag has published their top 50 restaurants issue. This is probably my favorite issue and every year I start at #1 and try to eat my way through the places on list I’d never gone to before.

I thought I’d take you through the list (links to my yelp reviews) :

  1. Stateside : My love for this place is well known. I’ve probably been there more than a dozen times since it opened and I’ve had 2 other meals specially prepared by George (one at Cook and one at my house).. So psyched to see it at #1. Totally deserved.

  2. Marigold Kitchen : Went there a number of years ago and was like “eh”. Now of course I’m going back to see how it’s changed.

  3. Vedge : Loved Horizons (now closed).. have to try this place soon

  4. The Farm and Fisherman : Never been.. will be #3 to visit.

  5. Le Virtu : You know what? I’ve been here about 4 times now and I have not been very impressed yet. I don’t get it.

  6. Sbraga : Went 2 times. When it opened and then again a few months ago. Both times I was really, really happy. This place is quite good.

  7. Fond : Been here 3 times. I liked it every time. Good price/performance

  8. Amis : been there 4 times now. Kind of like Amis. What more can I say?

  9. Vetri : Snuck in one night and had the best pasta (gnocci) that I’ve ever had before. The rest, while quite good didn’t make me want to come back and spend $$$. Service was great though.

  10. Bibou : Well, here’s the deal with bibou. This place is around the corner from me and I’d been wanting to go forever. So my lady friend took me there and I have to say that either it wasn’t good or I don’t like traditional French food. However, we became boyfriend/girlfriend that night so it holds a very sigificant place in my heart. But I hope I never have to go back..

  11. Blackfish : Been wanting to go.. Now have no excuse.

  12. Brauhaus Schmitz : Never Been

  13. Osteria : Some say this is a poor mans Vetri but I say that it’s really better. Go here.

  14. Zahav : Went here a number of times.. Had great meals every time.

  15. Vernick Food & Drink : Never heard of it.

  16. Will : Rushed in here one night with no reservations and had the kind of meal I thought I’d get from Bibou. If you want French, go here. This place is tasty and comfy.

  17. Fork : Been to Fork a couple of times over the years. Each time was pretty good. Not great, pretty good.

  18. Zeppoli : Got to check this out.

  19. Han Dynasty : Went here 3 times. One of which was my second date with my girlfriend and which also was a terrible meal. The other 2 times were pretty good. I think overall its a bit overrated.

  20. The Fountain : I had lunch here once. It was spectacular.. Got to try dinner next.

  21. Amada : Yea. You know what? Fuck Amada. There, I said it. I’ve been there way too many times, each time wanting it to be good and it under-performs. The last time was a pig roast and the front of house was so badly managed we had an incident. Go to Tinto instead.

  22. Dandelion : Had drinks here a couple of times.. Never the food.. Got to try this

  23. Tashan : Read my review. I must have had a bad night.. but no, it wasn’t just the food. There was something else.. Fuck it, I’ll go try it again since everyone keeps raving.

  24. Little Fish : 3rd date with my love. Food fair, date amazing.

  25. JG Domestic : Eh. Go to Garces Trading Company instead.

  26. Le Bec Fin : Have not been here since the new management. I will need to buy a dinner jacket and try again.

  27. Zama : This has been on my list to try forever..

  28. Jamonera : 13th Street magic? I will see soon.

  29. Il Pittore : Ooh.. this looks great. Can’t wait to try.

  30. Alla Spina : looking forward to trying this too,

  31. Pub & Kitchen : need to go!

  32. Pumpkin : Went here years ago. Was kind of not impressed cause it felt too foodie like.. But I’ve changed.. I’ll try again.

  33. Barbuzzo : Went here for lunch for Rest. Week once. Was not totally sold that it was great.

  34. Kanella : From the outside this place seems like some cheap Greek joint. I’ve been hearing good things.. I’m ready to be proven wrong

  35. Sovana : never heard of it.

  36. Bistro 7

  37. Nectar

  38. Bistrot La Minette : been wanting to go here forever.

  39. Oyster House : Of course.

  40. Butcher & Singer : eh. Rich guy steak place.. pass.

  41. Lacroix : Yea ok.

  42. Standard Tap : The Tap rocks most of the time.. but a top 50 rest? Not so sure.

  43. Matyson : Went here for lunch, was quite unimpressed. Don’t know I will try dinner.

  44. Koo Zee Doo : This place is cool. You should give it a try

  45. Percy Street BBQ : Here’s the thing. I love the food here, but every time I eat there I get sick later.. Something in my body does not like something in that tasty BBQ.

  46. Federal Donuts : Donuts are riduculous.. The Chicken? Eh.

  47. Supper : Need to go

  48. Mica : Definitely need to go here!

  49. Talula’s Garden : Been wanting to try the original, need to try here.

  50. Parc : Been here a bunch.. It’s cool I suppose but not amazing.. I met Louie CK there once when he wasn’t famous.

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