Why we have to get Barack Obama out of office! (and no I’m not a Right Wing nutjob)

Think back to 2008 when you were so up in arms at the atrocities of the Bush White House. Remember how villainous Dick Chaney and Condalizza Rice were to you at the time. Remember how you were dying for the day that Barack Obama took over and restored the country?

Well, he didn’t. He actually continued many of the Bush era policies. In addition he added a few insane policies of his own. Essentially,  he’s doing the exact same things only with more gusto. Civil Rights being trampled on? Check. War Mongering? Check. Keep the Bush tax cuts for the rich? Check. Keep Guantanamo open? Check… But yet, you my fellow left leaning friends are pretending that it’s no big deal since its so important to keep a democrat in office. You say something along the lines of “Well, we can’t have Romney, he will be a lot worse!!”.

Um no. Voting for Barack Obama is essentially a vote that says “I’m ok with this country being destroyed from the inside out as long as its being done by my guy”. Your party allegiance should not preclude you from looking at the facts. As a voter you are supposed to think about your country first, not your party. In fact, I would argue that parties are simply a way for the ruling elites to keep us from actually looking at the issues. By keeping us fighting back and forth over imaginary issues we are effectivly being neutralized as agents of change. Parties are so 20th century.

Remember Change? Yea, that’s why we voted for Obama in the first place. But if you look at what he has done you will see that he hasn’t changed much of anything (and please lets not get into a debate about the Monumental Health Care Triumph). I don’t like Mitt Romney the candidate any more than you and he ultimately may prove worse than Obama but guess what.. He may be better. We won’t know unless we put him in office. At this rate, any unknown quantity is better than keeping Barack Obama in office. His administration is systematically removing your rights as an American citizen. His administration is co-opted by a financial industry that is destroying our economy and our way of life. His administration is literally killing American citizens without due process!

Over the next few months I’m going to try to post every other week on a specific reason why I am upset with the Obama White House and why I will be not only not voting for him, but voting for my old pal Mitt so as to help get Obama out of office. Please stay tuned and feel free to comment since I love debate.

2 thoughts on “Why we have to get Barack Obama out of office! (and no I’m not a Right Wing nutjob)

  1. Why we have to keep BO in office (and no I’m not a Left Wing nut job)

    Have you ever been in public service? …when self-interests trump the common good and your long-standing coalition falls apart…when the promises of support for your policies are literally lobbied away. Based on his ideas, so much might be better now if BO governed in a vacuum. Even with the GOP dead-set on defeating him, BO continues attempts to negotiate and compromise because he will not give up. I agree with what I’ve read that this election may be more about ‘ideas’ , like hope, change, equality, fairness, independence…than about health care and your tax rate. Perhaps you are wealthy enough that keeping the Bush tax cuts is important to you. I think many Romney supporters are self-interest types who see the common good as a lower priority. I have seen the term ‘pathetic moderate’ used to describe Romney and that his agenda is simply to be President. Romney really has no ‘idea’ what his opposition is all about and may never comprehend that a good many if not most Americans struggle economically and socially.
    I would never encourage anyone not to vote but do not vote maliciously…I mean if you don’t like either mainstream party candidate, vote a respectable independent or third party candidate…or do a write-in. I hope you don’t vote Romney to spite Obama. Can you state a few reasons for voting for Romney otherwise? I’d genuinely be interested. My mind is always open.


  2. Wait. First off, I do not like the Bush Tax Cuts. They should be repealed, as he promised.

    Secondly, I don’t buy what you are saying. Barack had both the senate and the house under Democratic control for 2 years! Are you kidding me? Look at all the stuff Bush ramrodded through while his party was in the minority!

    Thirdy, I think Mitt Romney is an Asshat but you need to understand that I don’t care who the president is as long as it’s not Barack Obama. I’d love to vote for a 3rd party candidate but we all know that in the current system that is a vote thrown away so I have to use my vote as best I can.


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