um. yea, it’s hot.

Clearly this is not sustainable.

On June 25 (12 days ago) it was 88 degrees. This was a wonderful day since the 4 days before that were at least 10 degrees higher. I decided on this day to see how healthy my a/c was since it had been running constantly for pretty much the past week even though I only had it set to 78.

I turned it to 70 and let it run all day. My thought was, now that it’s ‘cool’ outside I would get my house temperature down. There is really no science or art involved in this a/c control situation. I have many theories and questions about how to get the most efficiency from my system.

Some include (but are not limited to):

– If the system runs for a while, should I turn it off to let it recover? Maybe running it constantly is reducing the efficiency
– Is there a way to get the furniture and items in the house to some ambient temperature that helps the efficiency of the system?
– Should scheduling usage be a good idea? Or should I just pick a temp and let it roll? Maybe when I’m at work I should turn it off completely? But then when I come home it will have to work so much harder to get the house down to a good temp again.. Maybe I should just turn the temp up a couple of degrees?
– Does the system work harder over different temp ranges? eg. is it harder to take a house from 74-72 or harder to go from 78-74 (when the temp outside is constant)
– Of course there are various configurations of the many registers in my house. And doors are open and closed in certain ways so as to ‘keep’ cool air in certain rooms but let the return get some cool air into the system.

But, overall I’ve no idea what I am doing.

So, anyway, I let it run constantly for almost 2 days straight. It turns out that by the 26th when the temp was 84 degrees I was able to get my house to 74. The system never turned off.

So, today its well over 100. Last night the low was in the 90s. For a week now my central air system has been running. I have the temp turned to 78 and with constant use it is holding steady there. Note that every register in the house is closed except the ones in my bedroom since this is where the thermostat is. The rest of the house is a nice 80-85.

I really don’t care about the temp as much as the fact that listening to this thing running constantly is like water torture. Also it bothers me that I don’t know how to make it better. I’ve toyed with just turning it off for a while but what happens when the house creeps up into the 90’s. Will my system ever get it back down to this ‘frigid’ 78 again? Or will it maybe get me to 85 or so?

It is maddening. And I fear that this is what every summer will be like for the rest of my life. Will I look back on these days with fondness thinking “oh.. remember when the 90+ heat waves would only last 7-8 days in a row?”??

I suspect when my electric bill comes next month I will decide then and there to just shut this thing off and suffer. On a bright note, I’m amazed there hasn’t been a blackout yet!

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