I have so many friends who are brilliant and working jobs that they hate or are well below their skill level. Some are unhappy, some are ok with being waitresses or toiling away at a soul sucking corporation for 12 years. This is a huge waste.

I think of Google who a while back went on this crazy hiring spree. Their only qualification was that you were brilliant. Could you code? Not important. Now the company is the only real R/D shop where you never know what they will come out with next. They just have a bunch of smart people trying to do cool things that interest them. They deserve all the success they have achieved.

But going back to my more local, smaller problem of my friends. I wonder if I was wealthy and running some company on my own. If I was, I would just hire everyone I know. Not just to provide them an income, but to provide them a place to use their brains and their creativity to do something that makes them happy and provides some value to the world.

I truly believe that it would happen. My friends are that talented. And they are talented in so many fields : technical, artistic, public service facing, teaching, etc. Who knows what would happen if I gave them the resources to dream and create and enjoy their work. Kind of like Google did.

So is there some new web 2.0 way to make this work? Some kind of kickstarter type thing where you just post what you’d like to do in life and somehow we put people together and fund their dreams? There should be.

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