False Alarm

The universe really is trying to affect this story. I think it’s because so many people are interested in it. Of everything I’ve written this is the one topic that people are asking me about in person when I see them. Its amazing in some ways. Why don’t you all respond when I write about politics??

Anyway, all this interest is making random events seem commonplace. I think it’s a collective energy thing of some sort. I will leave that up to new age experts to decipher.

The reason I say this is that I got on the subway again yesterday at a totally different time than the other day and the girl from Monday was standing there in the doorway. How is this possible?

So I stand there across from her. Directly across from her and she doesn’t even see me at all. As if she didn’t recognize me at all. As in, it’s not the elevator girl! I am fairly certain of this. I mean I spent like 10 minutes essentially face to face with her.

My belief is that she ended up there purely to show me that she wasn’t the girl I was pursuing. Of course also so that I would be able to give you all another chapter in this little story.

I will keep you posted. And yes, when and if I see this woman in my building I am going to totally ask her out so don’t fear that…

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