Made up for the Fuck Up

Well, it turns out as luck would have it that I got on the elevator today after lunch and guess what? That girl was there too.. So she does work in the building!

We got on, she was texting so I just stood there, frozen again. Wondering if I should ask her ‘hey did you know this building was haunted?’ (credit Matt).. I knew I had to do something but I was stuck. Finally I noticed her texting style.. one finger, sliding around the phone.. ahh! Swipe! An opening finally!

“Are you swiping?” .. best opening line ever right?

This led to a tiny conversation about android and swiping and then the doors opened to her floor. She didn’t jump off right away but instead held the doors to finish up and say goodbye.. This was all good. Words have been spoken. Smiles traded.

Now friends.. this is the last you will hear of this since if I do meet her I will surely give her my card and you know will lead her here.. I wonder if I should delete these messages.. hmn..

One thought on “Made up for the Fuck Up

  1. No. Life provides us infinite chances. But get off your damn ass already. Three chance encounters is the Universe saying something.


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