I fucked up

I’m so upset with myself and I can’t even work until I beat myself up some more. I walked into my lobby and saw the most beautiful woman standing there waiting for an elevator. It was one of those magical attraction at first sight moments that never seem to happen anymore for me.

The elevator came, we both got on (along with some other people) and she pressed her button. I did the same and turned around to look at her and she was looking right at me and smiled. I smiled back. There was something between us.

The best I could do was watch her get off on her floor. I rode up to mine, got out of the elevator and just stood there frozen. I was stuck. Should I go back down to her floor and say “Hi” and see what happens? Should I go back to work and just write it off like I do all the time?

After standing there for 2 or 3 minutes I finally gave up and went to work. That was 20 minutes ago. I’m sitting here spaced out and pissed off. I made a huge mistake and I feel like I will coninue to behave this way. Why am I so shy?

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