Netflix.. please please do this

I add a lot of movies to my Netflix queue. Why? Because in my daily life I hear about a lot of films that sound interesting to me and I don’t want to forget about them. Sometimes I get a few movie ideas when I read about an actor in a magazine, or I talk to friends about movies, or see a preview while at another movie. The point is that I get recommendations from all over the place.

So I put them on my queue and forget about them.

A year later (yes my queue is huuuuuge) I get these movies in the mail and I have no idea why I’m watching them. Was it because of something important politically? Was it because I thought some actress may be topless? No idea. So I watch these films and sometimes get something out of them, but a lot of the time I am watching some crappy film and I don’t know why.

So my idea is this. Allow me to add a note when I add a movie to the queue. 100 characters would be perfect. Then when I get a film I will know why it was on my queue. Better yet would be for you to print the message and mail it with the disc but I know that would be a bit more expensive. So lets just leave that as a bonus.


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