Kindle ideas

I’ve had a kindle for a while now (I love it, if you were wondering) and I have a few ideas for Amazon. They have this email address for feedback : , but I’m not sure they read it since I never get a reply when I send them ideas. I’ll post them here as well.

1) The kindle owners page is On that page you should add the feedback email address. I had some ideas once but couldn’t remember (or find) this email address so I could send them to you. Publicize it!

2) When I sync, you should add more wallpapers from time to time. I’m pretty sick of seeing the same 10 or so authors popping up. It would be cool to be surprised at who I see next. Also, you should allow me to customize these wallpapers.

3) Oftentimes I’m reading something on my kindle and I think : “Barbara would love this book”. Since I know she has a Kindle I should have the ability while reading to simply send her a sample of the book or maybe to be able to ‘one click’ it right to her.

4) You need to start focusing on ways to connect kindle owners through their devices. Kind of like facebook looks at my contact list to determine potential ‘friends’ you could do the same to show me who of my friends also has a kindle and then link us together somehow. How cool would it be to be able to know : “Tony is reading this book too : share some notes with him”…

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