a useful thought about travel

First off, let me get this out of the way early : About 4 years ago I came up with the idea of rentable clothing. It got a lot of ridicule from friends but I was totally serious. Now with airlines charging a fortune to ship your luggage along with your body (how ridiculous for us to assume that would be free) I’m starting to think that this idea has even more merit. We’re not talking underwear or anything, just simple vacation clothes. Imagine flying to Florida for the week and having nothing but your carry on.

Anyway, a new idea I had while on my recent trip was related to another old idea I had (can’t find it now) where you would get a HUD type thing for your plane window that would highlight interesting sights out your window : (eg. “The city of xxx”, “yyy river”). That will be expensive and complicated, but this idea is simple and can be done pretty easily and sold to airlines.

On my last fight (via Delta, the best airline right now) after I did my online check in there was an option to print out additional things like a page with the 5 day forcast, some sudoku puzzles, a history of my destination, etc. I think one of those checkboxes should be “interesting sights along the way”. This would be a printout that would tell you what you would be seeing out your window as you fly. It would need to consider the side of the plane you are on and your route but from there it could simply list (with photos) things you will see.

For example :

0:00 : Take off : You are leaving Philadelphia International Airport in route to Altanta. Keep an eye out because in 2-3 minutes you will see Delaware Bay. This bay is the largest…

0:02 : Delaware Bay

0:15 : You should be passing the famous farmland of Jones County North Carolina where tobacco plantations started.


Once you had all the common routes and itineraries done you would only have to update them if the airlines changed their routes. This would be a great service for the airlines to offer and it would be a great moneymaker for the person who does it. Get to work!

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