Be the Change

So I’ve been visiting, supporting, watching and posting about the occupy movement for a while now but I don’t know that I’ve actually explained what my excitement and support is all about. The reason is simple and if you’ve followed my blog at any time in the last 5-10 years (examples here, here, here and here) you would see that there was a general thread to most of my political/social posts and that’s this thought about the fact that everything is really messed up in America and we need to get off our asses and do something about it. I’ve been calling for mass unity in the form of : protests, voting, letter writing, blogging, etc. in hopes that we could incite some real change.

I was a huge supporter of Barack Obama because he promised to be the change that I was hoping for. Of course I won’t vote for him again now because obviously his campaign was a lie and he really wasn’t about change at all (or I can give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is simply ineffective). But we need change in America.

And so we have these occupiers. I am so impressed that people finally are gathering in mass and complaining about something. Sure, they are disorganized and complaining about ‘everything’ and there is no clear message coming out of them, but the key thing is that people are finally ‘taking to the streets’ and trying to effect change using their bodies instead of just complaining on Twitter and Facebook. This is special, this is unique, this needs to be supported.

But they have a huge problem right now. Well, they have many, but one of the biggest that I see is that they are a perceived (and rightly so) as a bunch of anarchist, tattooed, dirty, jobless kids. Their handmade signs and their dirty clothes and their piercings do nothing to gain the real support of middle america, or even the support of people like you.

There are people like you and I who have jobs, who have money saved up, who pay their mortgages on time, who are ‘responsible’ who 100% agree with the fact that we need to make some changes in America and we feel powerless to do it. Sure we (for the most part) vote and participate in civic responsibilities but that’s not doing much. We need to get out there and be counted physically. We need to be part of this movement.

I had this idea today and I wanted to share it with you in hopes that you would join with me in making it happen.

I want to set up a booth at Occupy Philly. I’ve got a spot picked out right next to the Ron Paul booth (smart people those Ron Paul supporters). I want to have this booth manned 24 hours a day by ‘responsible’ people like you and I. People who are taking a day off from work, dressed nicely and media friendly. I want our signs to be well made and clear. I want us to have a unified message. Something like “I have a job. I have some money. But I’m still in the 99% and I want change”. I want us to solicit media interviews and gather momentum. I want America to see that the Occupy movement is more than a bunch of dirty hippy slackers.

I feel that this change, this wrinkle in the current Occupy movement could be transformative and it could bring the movement one step closer to its goal.

To start this off I will buy the table, chairs, tent, whatever we need. But I need bodies. I need people to get in there with me. This is a wonderful chance for us to be heard. I know you all want this as much as I do. I know you all want this change. Be the change with me!

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