Tv Fall 2011

I’ve seen almost all of the new shows this season and I’ve a couple I think I like that I want to tell you about. But first, I have to say something I seem to say every season.

Why cancel a new show after just one (or two) episodes? Why even make the thing in the first place? It seems like networks don’t want to take the time to let shows build audiences. Cheers, The Simpsons and Seinfeld are three great examples of shows that did very poorly at first but then audiences found them and the rest is history. This season you’ve got “How to be a Gentleman” (something I could see growing into something) canceled after 1 episode, “Free Agents” (a show I really thought was quite good) cancelled after 3, “Playboy Club” (did not see but still, how bad could it have been?) after 1 episode, and I’m sure there are going to be others. Now, of course not all of these shows will be successful, but still, what’s the deal with the quick cancellations?

I don’t know the money part of things but it seems like maybe the networks could have these shows move to online only instead of using up the precious air time. I don’t know.. It just seems really lame to dump shows so fast.

Ok. Well, whatever. Rant over.

Of the new shows left, so far I like Suburgatory, Homeland, American Horror Story and Person of Interest.

Suburgartoy will probably get cancelled because it’s title is impossible to spell and pronounce but so far I’m digging it. It’s cute and funny and has some heart. It’s not ‘must watch’ tv but its fun.

Homeland has only had one episode so far but it was a good one. Clare Danes’ character is awesome and she plays her really well. Mandy Patakin is great so far as well. The thing I wonder about is weather the story will hold up for a season or two. The plot seems to be kind of one dimensional but it could grow. There is some good acting and the fact that its on Showtime tells me that it’s going to have some quality.

American Horror Story is a fun show. Yes, there has been much written about this show already and people are saying how its ultra cliche but I like it anyway. I think that’s kind of its charm. I like the style of it and I like the fearlessness of the content (sex, violence, etc).

Person of Interest at first was something I wasn’t too happy with at first. I didn’t like the whole ‘mysterious’ part of it, especially the Finch character but the second episode really filled things out and made me happy. I kind of feel a little bit like Reese is an Equilizer type character. If you remember that show… I like that its set in NYC and it really shows off the city. It’s clearly shot there and not on some backlot and I love that. Each episode seems to be mostly self contained so they move fast and take shortcuts but I’m ok with it. I really like seeing Reese kicking ass.

Also, I should say that “2 Broke Girls” is a decent sitcom if only so I can watch Kat Dennings. I’m also enjoying Whitney but I think it’s going to get cancelled.

Looking forward to season 3 of Bored to Death on HBO. Last season was really entertaining. Also the first episode of Season 3 of The League was last week and it was hysterical! FX really kicks some ass lately.

Also on my Season Pass list is Survivor (not that great this year but still ok), How I Met Your Mother, Always Sunny, and the always fun Big Bang Theory.

One thought on “Tv Fall 2011

  1. I’ve made the same complaint. Especially bizarre for shows that you already have film in the can. I also don’t know the financials but I have to imagine actual production is the biggest cost. Of course the network/broadcasters don’t actually pay that directly in most cases, so I guess they don’t care. Online is a great idea, at least as far as showing what’s already been filmed and seeing if it takes off from there.


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