Am I done with Facebook?

I really can’t stand using facebook anymore. They really made the web UI way too complicated. And on top of that I don’t have any idea of privacy anymore. So many things have changed that I don’t know where things I post are going. I’ve got status updates from my friends showing up everywhere but where I want them, the email notifications are all messed up now, and the newsfeed is a fucking disaster that I imagine I could fix by going into each friend and selecting a level of how much I want to hear from them but I’m not going to do that.

Then there’s the fact that where ever I go on the web Facebook knows. And don’t tell me they don’t. Almost every site has FB integration set up so when I see some content I get this ‘these friends like this place too’ stuff going on that lists my friends! You know that means that FB knows where I am. This isn’t cool and I think it goes too far.

I know I could just live a public life and then I’d be happy, but even then do I want FB to rule the world? Do I want to contribute to their dominance? Not really.

What do I get out of facebook anymore anyway? I’ve thought about this. I can (and do) now share a lot via G+ and I could do more on Twitter. I barely go on the FB website so I don’t really know what my friends are up to anymore and I’m finding I’m ok with that. But that’s not 100% true. What if they share something cool like photos of some party I was at? I’d never see them. This is a bummer that I’d have to learn to live with.

I think the biggest thing I would miss is the integration with my android phone. I have icon photos of most of my contacts and that’s still provided by facebook. I don’t know why it’s not from google but its not and I would miss that a bunch. Then there’s the phone number and contact integration that FB provides to android as well. I’d loose that too.

But I have to say that more than any time previous I am considering dropping FB completely.

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