Dr Who : Lets Kill Hitler

Are you kidding me?

This show used to really be quite perfect. The characters made sense and they were properly motivated, the stories were tight and didn’t have many plot holes and it was all very fun and compelling to watch.

The recent episode just showed so clearly why Steven Moffat has ruined all of that. I’m not going to get very deep here but lets just start by talking a bit about the Hitler part of the episode. Ok, fine, we’re going back to kill Hitler. Nevermind that the doctor would never agree to this since it would alter the timeline in some seriously significant ways as any time traveler with even a bit of morality would agree with. Oh and yes, he had a gun pointed at him so maybe he agreed for that reason? The Doctor would have said at least something like “No guns! I hate guns!” and talked the girl out of the gun thing. Whatever..

So they go back and put Hitler in a closet. Never mind that they never let him out and never give him any explanations of why they are there or anything, forever leaving his timeline altered.  This plotline was pointless and used just as a vehicle to hook up the Doctor with these other time travelers who apparently go back and punish people who did bad deeds.. Silly but, ok, I’ll buy it a little bit.

Then River Song, who, I love. She really makes me tear up sometimes. This story line is really important to me but to throw in this whole line about her being that other girl and Rory and Amys best friend who you never heard of? Come on! That’s so lame to just add her like that!

And so she regenerates into River and tries to kill the Doctor who thwarts her every move but the poisoned lipstick. Um. Where did she find that? In Hitlers closet? No, she just had it.. apparently that was part of her regeneration. Come on again!

So the Doctor is later saved by River by her giving all of her tardis regeneration energy away to the Doctor. The jury is out for me here. I don’t know if this is ‘realistic’ or not or even possible but I’m ok with it.

Overall, it was cool from the River Song storyline perspective and that makes me happy but the absolute disregard for reality in the other story lines was pointless and sloppy and offensive.

I really hate Steven Moffat and what he’s done to my series!

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