Um. Also on my shitlist : the PPA

So, I find a nice parking spot and I get a few quarters out of my quarter holder in my car and I go to put them into the meter. I don’t mind paying a meter for parking..

But, hmn. The meter has a cardboard box around it. I wonder if it’s broken? Well lets test it out. {Put quarter into meter, nothing happens. Put in second quarter just to be sure, nothing happens} Hmn. Broken. Ok then.

But, oh hey, there’s a PPA dude down the street. Let me go over and check with him.

“Hi. Hey, I parked over there {I point at my car} and the meter is broken. There’s this box around the meter. I put in a couple of quarters just to be sure. Am I ok to park there?”

“You can park for 3 hours on this block. You’re fine”

“Um, but the meter is broken.”

“Yea, you’re fine.. Don’t worry about it”

One would think it would be cool now right? No. I come back 30 minutes later and of course there is a ticket on my car for an expired meter. Yup.

Now I’ve just come back recently from a visit to the parking court where I was treated like a 5 year old and raped a number of ways even though I had clear evidence of my innocence, so I’m very hesitant to fight this $26 ticket. But it’s the fucking principle here right?

Clearly Nutter has told these pricks to do whatever they can to make money since he’s done such a piss poor job running the city. But seriously. I just talked to the guy, there’s a fucking box around the meter!

I am amazed more of these meter maid fucks don’t get beat up. If I wasn’t such a pussy law abiding citizen I would have snapped. Where is the humanity in the world lately?

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