Google Map Travel Ideas

Ok Google maps. I’m on vacation and I turned my laptop on. Here is what I want to do:

#1) Find my hotel and mark it on the map with a star. This star also shows up on my android maps app as well.
#2) I want to put in tourist destinations, or otherwise and mark them with some notes. I want all of these to show up on the map and on my phone as stars of another color or something. When I click on them, my notes and other info comes up.
#3) I want to have maps make an itinerary for me. I choose walking or public transportation and GM figures out the most efficient path (maybe even including an option to make me walk by things that GM fees are interesting that I didn’t choose)
#4) Maybe allow me to have multiple itineraries for multiple days of my trip, maybe allow me to ‘check off’ things I did and have the ones I missed roll over to the next day.
#5) Maybe make these sharable and post-able on my google profile. I could see people getting into making the perfect 1,2,3 day trips to their hometowns. You want to get into social? Here’s an untapped market
#6) Hire me. I have good ideas all the time.

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