Still Bill

Wow. I just got done seeing ‘Still Bill’, a documentary about Bill Withers. It was a perfect documentary and I reccomend everyone sees it.

What makes this so great is that this isn’t a film about Bill Withers the musician, this is a film about Bill Withers the man. What I mean by that is that this film is special not because this guy made some amazing music. It’s a special film becasue it’s about a man who at 70 isn’t even sure he’s happy in his life even though everything about him is drenched in success and achievement (and I’m not even talking about the music). Here’s a man who has figured out life but isn’t sure he’s got it right though it’s so clear he has. It’s kind of frusterating to watch at times. I mean, this guy has got it right. He’s chosen to live a simple and pure life, not focusing on material things and instead trying to continually persue happiness in enotion and feelings. He has a wonderful family, an amazing wife, a son in law school and an absolutely gorgeous daughter. He is loved by so many people that it’s mind boggling he seems so sad. Though as the film progresses he seems to transform somewhat and see that his life is pretty damn successful afterall.

I so hope when I’m 70 I can live the life he’s living!

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