Just another religion post

This American Life” has been really kicking out the quality lately. Two weeks ago in episode 430 they talked about the insane, draconian drug court of Amanda Williams down in Georgia. A story that you really need to hear. This weeks episode has a story by David Ellis Dickerson about how grew up christian and wanted to become a pastor but as he studied he realized how much contradiction and nonsense there was in the Bible and the overall Christian Dogma.

But Dickerson’s story resonated with me. You should listen to it yourself if you have any negative thoughts (as I do) about organized religion. The most interesting thought I got out of it was this : People who are in religious communities, especially really conservative, serious ones have something that we non-religious people dont. They have a very tight community with each other. They have love for each other, they have caring for each other, they support each other, and they all have the general peacefulness of a shared belief. I am jealous of that to no end.

The rest of us, while obviously too smart to fall for the insanity of virgin births and jesus myths, are missing out on something more important than anything else in life : community. We don’t trust anyone, we are generally pessimistic about the world and our future, we are kind of unhappy across the board.

I don’t know what the answer is here, but I do know that we all.. all of us humans, need to realize that all of us are inherently the same. That we all want the same things, that we all are dumb and smart at the same time, that we all are in this together. We need to remember that always.

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