digital life

I love my blog. I have to spend more time here. I love it cause it’s mine. I host it, and all the posts are in a database I control. I control the format and the comments and everything in between. This is a stark contrast to Facebook where once I post something, it’s essentially gone. I can’t get a backup of it. I can’t highlight a great post from the past. I can’t do anything.

So why do I use FB? I love the fact that I control who can see what I post. I treat FB like a walled garden and that’s a good thing for me. I can put photos up, and post semi personal things, etc. I also love to community aspect. I love being able to comment on my friends posts as well.

What am I to do?  I posted about all of this already so there is no need to rehash. Just know that I’m still thinking about this.

My plan is to move off of facebook for posting. I think I’m going to go with flikr for photos (since I can control who sees what there). I think I’m going to hang here for public stuff and reviews and the like. I think I’m going to hook up some kind of twitter connectivity and a hook in to my reader share as well. The plan is that if you want to follow my public stuff you will have 2 rss feeds or one twitter feed to follow.

For private stuff, I think I’m just going to give that up, which may be a good thing. Perhaps I’m making a statement that friends should keep up with friends in person instead of by reading a feed. I don’t know.. more to think about in that area.

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