Why Try?

So I’m really depressed today after listening (and thinking about) the latest “Common Sense” podcast ( # 192 ). Dan talks about how the FBI surveilled MLK and how they found some stuff about him and used it to try to blackmail him into killing himself ( Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but it’s all true ). He makes the point that today all the govt. would have to do is plant something onto someone’s computer ( child porn, bomb making plans, etc. ) to discredit someone. It’s for this reason that we probably don’t have anyone who is able to rise far enough to actually lead us out of the place we’re in today. With the FBI survailing so many people already ( small protest groups, militias, etc. ) they are able to nip things in the bud way before they grow enough to ‘be a problem’.

The system is so in control in this way, there is almost no way for us to generate enough energy to stand up and make change. Even our ‘change’ candidates we elected have failed to do anything of any consequence. As if they were just fake from the start.

But I’m free right? I can do pretty much anything I want to do in the world. I can vote, I can write letters, I can blog, I can travel anywhere I want, etc. But freedom is more than individual isn’t it? We need to have the ability to rise up in groups and be heard. One would think the media would help here but the interests controlling the US have found ways to counter media as well.

Why try? Who listens anymore? Who cares enough to do anything? It’s just so easy to take our Soma and tune out until we go to work the next day.

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