The Meggy JR Build (part 2)

So I spent the day dutifully soldering and attaching parts together in hopes that something would be born, and I’m happy to report that Meggy JR is alive! It was a really painless and easy build and I think anyone could have done it. It just required a lot of patience and care. And I only made one mistake.

The mistake was that I had not pushed this button assembly into the board far enough before I soldered it into place. After I had it all together I found that I couldn’t put the cover on because the button was too high. So I had to painstakingly de-solder it. But I couldn’t do that and pull it out at the same time so I had to enlist the help of an assistant (my beautiful Heather). After playing with it for a few minutes we were able to get it out and then properly reseated and soldered back into place.

The moment of truth was a bit nerve racking. Having build a lot of electronic things in the past I can say that usually they didn’t work the first time I turned them on. But Meggy responded with a beep and a rainbow on the display the second we turned it on!!

All told a great building experience. About 5 hours total.

Now that it works I’m going to have to play with writing a game for it. I’m thinking of a Tetris like thing (at the suggestion of our friend Emily).

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