Why be first?

Newspapers are always complaining that its so hard to do quality work when there is a race to get the story out first. They also complain that the net is killing their business. I say this : duh! Use this to your advantage. The newspapers still have reporters who can write, editors and fact checkers (well, copy editors are being let go in record numbers now). The newspapers I will bet, still have more faith by people as a quality news source so why not use all of this to their advantage? Why can’t newspapers focus on putting current trending stories into perspective and telling the real story with a next morning delay? Give up the battle to get the story out first and instead focus on quality?

Back in the day before everyone had a press (the internet, blogs, etc) the papers were in competition with each other for readership and whoever got the scoop had a definite advantage, but the papers can’t outscoop twitter. Will never happen. Concede this battle. But, they could win the war. (even if they stop actually printing on paper and distribute on the net instead).

These papers should focus on putting out daily content that is deep, fact-checked, unbiased and high quality.  They could also focus on local content more since they have reporters on the ground in the area. Use the assets they have and build a niche of their own where bloggers and citizen journalists can’t begin to compete. Why is this so hard to see?

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