Books – the best delivery of knowledge

So I’ve been struggling with moving to a Reader/Kindle exclusively for a while now (close to 3 years) and today while pondering said struggle I came up with an amazing thought. If for whatever reason, the world reverts back to a point where we have no electricity or we have some magnetic spike of some sort, all electronic (and electrically operated) data goes bye bye. We are all so confident in data centers and backups and data storage, but a book pretty much retains its data no matter what.

I tried to apply this to music and video but even my record player would stop working without electricity so moving to mp3’s exclusively (which I have) and moving to ripped videos instead of DVDs (which I will do soon) is pretty transparent. But my library will work with the power out.

If you are the last person in America after some catastrophe , how will you build things back up with no knowledge? You’re going to need some books!

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