why do we buy stuff today?

I don’t like what’s happening in the consumer marketing space lately. It seems like because of internet buzz, we as consumers are not able to give feedback to companies the way we used to.  For example, lets look at movies. When was the last time you went to a good movie? Compare that to 5 or 10 years ago. Do you see any differences? Now we just go see whatever is marketed to us and no matter how much it sucks, it still will make money.

Better example,  consumer electronics. The way it used to work in consumer electronics was that someone would build a product and it would either sell or it wouldn’t. If it sucked, we wouldn’t even think about buying it. (Apple Newton anyone?). But now, it seems they have figured out that if you market something well (use blogs and segnents on the news, etc) you can build enough buzz that people think they need to have something because everyone else is excited about it.

This ‘artificially exaggerated consumerism’ is really troubling to me. Think about the iPad or 3d tv. I mean really? These products are not useful to us, but everyone I talk to is excited about them. Why? Think again about the Newton. If it were introduced in todays environment it would sell 10m units in a week.

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