Man, I really love reading on my Sony Reader. I’ve had it since it came out and the convenience and screen quality is just amazing. But I don’t use it. Why? Well, I have to go to the Sony Reader bookstore (which last I checked sucked) and pay full price for books (as in : same as a hardback). Then I have to download them to my computer and then to my Reader via USB. I also need to have Sony software on my computer. All in all, a total pain.

Lastly, the main reason is that I don’t know who owns the books I download. I can’t really figure it out. Can I share them with other owners of Sony Readers? Is my content mine forever? Can it be taken away?

With the Kindle, all of the complaints from the first paragraph are solved. Easy d/l, cheap contnet, no software on my pc. But again, I’m faced with the DRM issue. With Kindle I’ve heard that it’s even worse. I’ve heard of books being removed w/o notice. There is no sharing of content, etc.

I so want to move to the digital world with my books. I so want to get a Kindle and d/l stuff when I think of it but I refuse to deal with DRM issues. Does anyone have one of these? Can you tell me if you ‘own’ your content? What have your experiences been?

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