iPhone motion sensing. Go away!!!

I am going to go on record to tell you that motion sensing on the iPhone is the most useless ‘feature’ ever. I would pay money to have it removed from my phone. Shaking the phone make it do stuff is simply stupid at best and at worst it’s annoying in that it does stuff I don’t want it to whenever I move the phone in a funny way. I will admit that it’s useful for some games but this is my phone, not a gaming box. I’d rather turn it off entirely.

The worst thing it does is switch from portrait to landscape based on the phones relative position to the ground. This never works for me and I’ve never wanted it to change in the first place. When it happens, I end up shaking the thing like a crazy person trying to get it back to portrait mode and then of course the shake triggers some other feature. If it was going to be useful, it should at least try to adjust based on it’s relative position to my eye, but that’s obviously not possible. So remove it.

This is most useless in iTunes. Why does it need to change alignment in iTunes? The worst part is that the landscape mode has less functionality than the portrait mode. So i hold the thing the wrong way and presto, it’s now useless and I can’t get it back without pressing home and iTunes again.

Who needs this crappy flash? Obviously it’s there to look cool, but I want functionality above all else. Apple seems to disagree and that’s why I’m going to seriously consider another phone in a few months.

2 thoughts on “iPhone motion sensing. Go away!!!

  1. Another win for Android – app developer can choose to force portrait, force landscape, choose based on keyboard, or use motion sensor orientation.

    The only time I’ve really liked it is in the browser. Most Android apps I’ve used don’t auto-rotate and I’m perfectly happy with that.


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